Who are we?

Who are we?

Fjuze is an energetic and creative Amsterdam based event agency. We create events of our own and carry them out down to the smallest detail. We develop new original concepts in cooperation with other parties. And we spot trends on the international event market, buy licensees and transform them into innovating events for Europe. For both consumers and business parties that are looking for something unique.
Fjuze is at its best when working together with partners with courage, that dare to take a risk. Because then extra-ordinary groundbreaking ideas arise. We listen and put ourselves in our client’s position in order to fully understand their wishes and requirements. We join forces and think in opportunities and new possibilities. We always go for the extra mile.
This is how Fjuze is able to create an ultimate experience for visitors of all our events. We are always aiming for that ultimate live interaction between event and visitor. For that magic moment. That’s the moment that it is all about. That is what we are good at. That is what makes our hart beat faster. That is wat we work so hard for, and what we deliver. That is Fjuze.


Creating together and realising it in real life is what makes me happy. There is nothing better than meeting and seeing your audience face-to-face, and hearing and feeling their reactions to the event that you have created for them. That is the unique thing about live events, that is where I get my passion from, and that is the reason why I started Fjuze. I am Klaas, owner of Fjuze.


My name is Robbie! Executive Producer at Fjuze. I ensure that everything we have created, invented and made up, is actually being realised during our events. All of this with the ultimate goals of providing the visitors of the event with a great experience.


I you were to let me go, I would do different work-outs about 6 times a week. Running, Ashtanha Yoga, HIIT, PLTS, BodyPump and Spinning. Moreover, nothing makes me happier than a big bowl of lentils – rather than a “bitterbal”. Let’s call it a hobby! My hobby became my job and now I produce and program the Healthy events. I am Nikki, owner of Healthy Industries and working for Healthy Fjuze.


I am Bas Dokter, the young blood within the Fjuze team after working in media (such as Sky Radio Group and Telegraaf Media Group) for the past 15 years. In my previous functions I would get very excited from the creation of cross-medial concepts in combination with the experience of unique events. This is the combination I found at Fjuze. Are you curious what we can do for you and your brand? I love to come by to inspire each other!


A little while I go I started working at Fjuze for my final internship. I enjoyed this so much, that after graduation, I stuck around and now have the best job there is around! My tasks mainly revolve around the Healthy events, such as Healthy Fest, together with Nikki. Besides, I get to do a lot of other cool stuff. This variation is what makes working at Fjuze this much fun. Together with our super-team we create, program and produce many beautiful events. I am Gioia, Junior Producer at Fjuze!